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This section will provide encouraging words and information
on women.
If you like this section, you may want to consider purchasing our book, WOWWE, Words on Women Weekly Experience or Sisters with me, Reflections of Women Leaders in Partnership. Please go to the LOHM Books link for more information.

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January 2018
What did you say? Words matter. May we use this season to watch our words and to listen to the words other say. May we use words that honor God and listen to what God may be saying to others through us.

June 2017

Summer officially starts in this month. Summer brings to mind growth and time in the sun. As we spend time in the sun may we be reminded to spend some extra time with the Son, Jesus to allow for more growth in us.

January 2017

New year, new thoughts, new opportunities. It has been said that there is nothing new under the sun. It does not mean that what is not new under the sun can not be new to us. It means it is not new to God. May we keep this in mind if we feel we are being asked to consider something new to us and allow God to work in us to create a new thing.

What season are we in? Is it fall/autumn? Do we use the season of fall to remember how we have fallen and we have been saved by God? Do we accept God's forgiveness and direction for us? Do we give forgiveness for the falling of others? This is a good time when we think of fall that we are reminded that we all fall, and that only through Jesus can we stand again.
There are times to celebrate. We should look for reasons to celebrate. Whenever we celebrate, we thank the Lord for the reason of the celebration. Let us take time to celebrate the small things as well as the big things.
Are we open to reach out to others as God leads? It may mean reaching out to someone we would not consider reaching. We are God's servants, to follow God's direction. Let us be willing to trust God as we reach out to others.
There are times we when can be accepted among others. There may also be times when we are not accepted among others. Are we following as we believe God is leading us? God always has a remnant of those He has called. May we seek the remnant and support each other in following God.
Are we sharing what is important to us? If not, we can consider sharing God's presence in our lives. God's presence is in so many ways if we look.
It has been said that you can't have 2 women work in a kitchen. Why do some people think that? Do we think that we can't work together because we are trying to have the same things? Do we think we have it all? Only the Lord Jesus has it all. We all have areas that the Lord Jesus has blessed us. Let us work together in the areas where we are gifted and appreciate areas where others are gifted.
As women, we serve so many. Do we know that part of our service is allowing and receiving service from others? Let us take time to see service as giving and receiving.
Rest assured. Is rest a sure thing with you? Some of us have to strive to get rest. It's important. Let us take time in working and refreshing.
Are we taking this time to be leading and following? We can be reminded that we are to follow God at all times and follow those God has placed over us. We are to accept the trsponsibility that God has given us to lead others. All lead and all follow.
It has been said that knowledge is power. The Bible speaks a lot about wisdom. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. We learn to respect and honor God. May we take time to follow the wisdom of God as shown to us through the Bible in all we do.
Action for the sake of action. We live in a world where action is appreciated. Thinking is important before we act. We need to be reminded when others want us to act that we spend the time whenever possible to think.
Do the right thing. What is the right thing? It is following God's will. It is staying away from the Lord does not want us to do. Should we be concerned when others are not doing the right thing? If the Lord has called us to let them know that they are wrong, then we must provide the information in love. If we are not called to talk with them, we are all called to pray for the believer who is challenged to live the godly life. Do the right thing.
Share your joys to encourage and share your sorrows with others who are sorrowful to bring hope; hope in the Lord. When we share, we become reminded and strengthened in the Lord. Share.
As believers, we can consider ourselves soldiers in the army of the Lord. Soldiers follow the directions of their leader. It is important that they submit to their leader for the benefit of all. Are we submitting to the Lord and to the leaders He has placed in our lives? If we are having difficulty submitting to the leaders in our lives, we can be reminded that the Lord allowed us to have these leaders for a purpose. Let us seek what that purpose may be and ask the Lord to help us to follow Him and to follow those He has placed in our lives to honor Him. If we have a leader that is not following the Lord, may we ask the Lord to keep us safe (even if it means placing us somewhere safe) and to draw them closer to the Lord.
As women, we do many things and help many people. This can allow us to believe that we can and that we should do everything. This is wrong. We are not to do or to be everything to everyone. The only one that holds this position is God. We are not God. We may need to remind people that we are not God. We can seek God to know what we should do, when we should do it, and how we should do it.
We need to pray for all who come across our path. This can be our family, our friends, clerks at stores, etc. Even when situations look bleak, we can pray. When we have enemies, we can pray. Prayer allows us to see as the Lord Jesus sees and to respond accordingly.
We need to follow the Lord for His plans are better for us than any plan we could develop. We need to encourage each other to follow the Lord, then He may allow us to see His presence in many ways.
Looking for love in all the wrong places? We are  looking for love in all the wrong places if we are not looking for Jesus Christ as our source and guide to love. When we look to Jesus for love and we learn to love like Jesus, we have found love in the right place.
Wait for great.
Waiting can be hard, especially when it does not appear that what we are waiting for can happen. When it happens, it is marvelous. It is great. It makes it clear that we could only receive it because our God has provided it for us. We are grateful and thankful to our God for His provision.
Odd for God.
Does it seem the more we want to do what is godly, the more opposition we receive? Does it seem that others do not understand why we follow the godly path? God allows us to be peculiar people when seen by non believers so that they may see that God lives and works in us. May we stand strong being odd for God for the glory of the Lord.
Look for the signs of the presence of the Lord in life.
Some times it is hard to do what we think the Lord wants us to do because we can not see or feel His presence. It is at these times that the Lord wants us to seek Him everywhere and to connect with other Christ followers who may share how they have seen the signs of the presence of the Lord. We must also search ourselves so that we can ask for forgiveness for our wrong actions while we are willing to do as the Lord calls us to do. Let us look for the signs that show us that the Lord is present.
Be in tune with the Lord.
How can we be in tune with the Lord? We must spend time in prayer, in the Bible, and with other Christ followers who encourage us. When we are in tune with the Lord, we will follow His guidance easier. We will have peace knowing that we are at peace with the Lord. When we sing, and carry a tune, may we be reminded to be at tune with the Lord.
Let us pray.
There are so many reasons for us to pray for each other. When we pray for each other, we begin to see each other as people under God in need of a Savior. Prayer is the best help that any person can receive from another person. Let us give each other the best we can give.
Don't be distracted from doing the Lord's will
After preparing to do what the Lord Jesus calls us to do, there will come a time when we must go forth and do what we are called to do. Situations may come to distract us, people may distract us, and we might be distracted by our own opinions. Let us go forth in Jesus' name after we have prepared through bible study, prayer, and connection with dedicated Christ followers. May we be reminded that the Lord Jesus always has a purpose for us so that we go forth gladly to show the Lord Jesus' will in our lives.
Prepare before moving
It sounds simple, to prepare before moving. It requires patience to prepare. We may not want to take the time that our Lord wants us to take to prepare. Some times the preparation is because those who we will work with are not ready. Some times the preparation is because we are not ready for what we will work with. Prepare to be aware of what the Lord can do. When we prepare, we can appreciate our Lord.
The importance of loving wisely
As women, we have been given the gift of being able to express our love. Are we expressing our love in the right order: the Lord Jesus Christ, our mate/spouse, our children/families, and everything else that God has placed in our lives. We can have many problems when we don't love in the right order. We will still have challenges when we love in the right order, but our Lord Jesus Christ will bring what is best for us when we do it biblically.
The importance of wisdom
We are responsible for learning. When we continue to learn, this will develop wisdom in us if we ask God to take what we learn and provide understanding. If God has provided us with wisdom, we are responsible to share this wisdom with others. Wisdom is given to be used and shared. Let us be responsible with the information God has given us to provide glory and honor to God.
The importance of descending
What is the importance of descending? It means we focus on what comes to us from above. Are we focusing on what the Lord is giving to us? Are we receiving what the Lord is giving to us? Are we open to what the Lord is giving us? If not, now is a good time for us to look up toward the Lord in hope and humbly receive what he is providing for us. The Lord knows what is best for us. May we receive what He provides and use it to the glory of the Lord.
Know when we are venting
When we complain about life, we are showing the areas in our lives where we need the Lord. When we rely on the Lord to carry us through the situations, we don't complain. We need to know that when we complain, or vent, we are weak. Let us go to the one who can give us the strength to carry one, our Lord Jesus Christ.
Don't worry
Don't worry, be happy. It is more than a song, it is a reminder of how we can live our lives. Whenever we think about something that makes us worry, we can be reminded that God is bigger than our problems. We can be happy that God loves us and will take care of us.
There are many situations that can make us uncomortable. We are to watch and see what the situation may hold for us, good or bad. If we are following God's will, He will protect us. The key is to do God's will. not our will or some one else's will/desire. How do we know if it is God's will? We know through prayer, Bible reading, and matching this with other believers.
We serve a mighty God who believes in justice. He is the one who gives the justice. We need to be reminded when we see wrong succeed and right punished that there is justice that God will provide. Let us not do what God is to do. Let us also understand that God's mercy keeps us from receiving the justice we deserve for what we do. When we realize how we could receive punishment, let us love mercy in others who need the mercy so that they can experience God's love.
Are you free? If we are believers in Christ, we are free from sin when we ask God to take our burdens. Are we in situations where others do not want us to be free to have a part in making decisions about our lives? If we are adults, we should have a part in making decisions. If we don't, and we are in situations where others may be harming us, we may need to look at becoming physically free. God wants us to be free to choose Him and to choose doing His will. If we are aware of others who are not free, we need to be ready to help them when they are ready to be free, for our Lord wants us to be free in Christ.
Take the time to carry a tune, to sing to the Lord a song that brings you closer to God.
Music can help us to understand our emotions. The Lord wants us to work and respond to our situations in ways that honor God. May we search for the songs that honor God and allow us to do what God would have us to do. We can see what God wants us to do as we seek God through the holy bible and connection with other Godly people.
Can we do it? Should we do it? If it honors God, the answer is yes.
We are directed to do so many things by so many people. How do we know what to do? We have to examine all the thoughts and requests by God's word, the holy bible. If it strengthens our relationship with God and honors God, we need to do it. If it doesn't, we need to leave it alone.
Give. Should we give all the time? No, only as we are led.
We need to be sure that we give only when we should give. If we give all the time, we are not allowing God to handle situations. Give only when we are led by God, so that we can allow others to give as God wants them to give.
Follow the leader; our Lord.
Are we following our leader, the Lord? Really? How do we know we are following? We know when we are doing things that please God but may be uneasy or uncomfortable for us to do. It may be for us to talk to people that we don't want to talk to saying unpopular but God-honoring comments. It may mean that we may have to do what is not easy for us to do that we will have to pray for God to give us the strength to do. We are soldiers in the army of the Lord, following our leader. Let us march to the beat of the Lord in March.
Have we heard this phrase, "I didn't mean that! It's not what it looks like!"
We need to pay attention to what we say and what we do whenever possible, so that others will not think evil of what we mean for good. Will people still perceive us wrongly? Yes, but we are to do our part when we can that it doesn't happen. Perception can be reality for many people. Let us watch what we say and do.
Hey? Are we listening? Are we listening to God? Are we listening to the people God has placed over us?
Listen and follow as God leads. Then we will have peace with God.
Have you been frustrated with some one lately? Why? Did they do what you didn't expect? Did they not do what you expected? The problem occurs with expectations. We need to be reminded to look at all situations through the eyes of God, giving grace and mercy when needed when our expectations are not met.
When we or our loved ones do something good, we like to share it. Are we sharing it to give honor to God or are we boasting so that other people feel  small and uncomfortable. We are all valuable to God in different ways. Let us consider how God would think of our comments, and may all of our comments honor him.
Ten seconds, twenty seconds, thirty second delay.
Do we allow ourselves to to be led before we act? Some of us have heard about taking time to respond when we're angry. We can take time to consult the LORD when we're not angry, so that we can pray for guidance in doing the right thing.
Step out in faith!
This is a time when people work and move. This may be a harvest time for us, when we pick up what we have worked hard to grow. Harvest only comes after our Lord has allowed us to receive the Son and rain. It's time to go forth, to step out to receive what the Lord has for us. This is also a time for us to start working to pick up what the Lord has for us to help us grow. It can be scary until we realize that the Lord has us to get what we need when we trust on Him to provide. Just make the first step and the Lord will guide us the rest of the way, His way, for our good.
Fear not!
Easier said than done sometimes. Fear can make us cautious and prayerful. Fear should not hold us back if we are working to do God honoring activities at the time God has designated for us. If we fear, let us pray to be sure it is the right activity, the right time, the right place, and that we are the right people for the job.
Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
There is freedom when we separate from worldly things to focus on godly things. This does not mean that we should be exclusive and not focus on worldly things, for how can we evangelize to the world and we don't know about the world. We are to be in the world, but not of the world. When we take time to separate and spend time with our Lord, we show that our Lord is first in our lives. The Lord wants us to live balanced lives in Him, and that is freedom.
Peace, be still.
Did we say, peace, be still? Is this something that we focus on? We focus on it when we feel we don't have it. Peace. We can have peace when we focus on God first. It is so easy to be distracted on so many thoughts, many about situations that may never happen. During this time, we need to focus on the moment, and trust God to guide us each day with what is important. We will have peace when we keep our focus directed on our Father.
May what?
Words are important. We can harm or encourage with our words. We can guide or aggrevate with our words. Women are known to be skillful with words. Are we using our words wisely and timely? Are our words to our parents honoring? Are our words to our mates honoring? Are our words to our children encouraging? May we use our words as our Lord would have us to use words: guiding in love while honoring and respecting each other.
For giving. Jesus is for giving. Jesus is forgiving. Are we forgiving? Are we for giving?
Jesus gave of Himself so that we may have our sins forgiven and that we may turn to a life that is guided by Christ in giving God glory. Have we ever thought that we were each made for giving to God? Have we ever thought that we are to be forgiving to others as God forgives us? Now is the time for giving. Now is the time to be forgiving so that we may receive and experience the forgivenness that was given to us by Christ, resulting in peace.
Are you going forward in what God has called you to do?
If you are not going forward in what God has called you to do, why is this occuring? Are you waiting on God or is God waiting on you? Some times we try to excuse our laziness or fears by making this statement. Let us check to be sure that God is not waiting on us. Are we influenced by what others say instead of what God has said? We ought to obey God rather than man, and we can verify it is God if it is supported in the word of God; the Bible. God honors obedience. Let us be obedient so that we may see what God wants us to see, and receive the joy He has for us.
Are you telling a fib? Are you letting others believe a fib? Are you believing a fib?
The truth is important. It is the truth that sets us free. The truth can be very uncomfortable but very necessary. It is not easy to tell the truth at times or live the truthful life. Let us take time to think if we are telling a fib, living a fib, or believing a fib. Have we taken situations into our own hands and not allowed God to show His power in our situation? Let us examine our selves in all we seek and do, to see if it is in line with God's truth and not our own truth. Then we can be free in God through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Start. Start what? Start looking at all the opportunities that God is providing us where we are with what we have. We may notice that we have more than we think, when we take time to look. Then we can begin to be involved in the opportunities God has for us as He leads us in His timing.
We could start to look at people the way we believe God sees them and work as God's hands and feet to bring them to a closer understanding of Him.
Childlike wonder.
Do you approach Jesus with childlike wonder?
Do you read the Bible with childlike wonder?
Consider reading a different version of the Bible, listening to the Bible, or watching Bible stories to develop childlike wonder of the goodness of the Lord. We may find that our faith and joy increases. Let us let God's light shine in us so that others may see Him in us and glorify Him.
Be still and know.
This is the time that many women begin preparing for the holiday season, vacations, and other activities. Women may become busier than ever. During all these times, let us take time to stop and give thanks for whatever God has provided.
Let us be watchful and careful in all we say or do, lest we fall to the temptations that surround us. When we see someone who is falling to temptation, we gently and carefully encourage them to come to God who can show all things and provide what is needed to overcome temptation. Are we falling to temptation? Let us run to Jesus, through our Bible reading and spending time with whom God uses to encourage and strengthen us.
Let us take time to remember what we say affects others.  How many of us want to remember what we said to others? For some of us, it is easier for us to remember what others said to us. Words are powerful, for they may show what is behind the words. Let our words be words of encouragement and direction to lead others to God. Let us take the words given to us and have God show us what we need to know, so that we can be more of what God wants us to be in glorifying Him.
What does God think of us?
She thinks she's all this or he thinks he's all that. Does he or she really think that or do we really think that? Are we looking at people the way the Lord looks at us? He looks at us as individuals who sin. No one is better or worse when it comes to sin. We need to keep this in mind when we think about others and give the love of the Lord to all, regardless of their response. We can only do this when we ask the Lord to give us His strength and to see as He sees. What does God think? We don't know, but we are willing to find out and to act like He would want us to act.
Women, is our house a house or a home?
A house is a place where we sleep and eat. A home is a place where we are nourished and refreshed, a place where we can be rejuvenated and protected.
Are we providing a house or a home for the people who live with us?
Let us ask the Lord to guide us in preparing a home for ourselves and others.
June is the month that we can focus on our Heavenly Father, God, who we can only reach through Jesus Christ. Many people today have their version of who God is. There are some people who don't believe in God. As we focus on fathers, let us give honor to our Heavenly Father, and encourage men to be the fathers that God would have them be, regardless to how the world may portray men. The best portrayal of a man is the man, Jesus Christ. Let all we do and all we say lead others to the man, Jesus Christ.
May Day. Mother's Day. Memorial Day. Maritime Day. These are a few events that occur in May. What's a good thought to keep in mind this month? My soul doth magnify the Lord. As we do all that we are asked to do, let us honor the Lord in all we do, giving honor to those who the Lord leads us to.
Jesus lives inside of Christ followers. Can other people tell that Jesus is alive in you? Can people see Jesus in what  you say, what you do, and what you choose not to do. Choose a full life in Christ. Let your life so shine before men so that people may see Jesus in you and give Him glory.
When we march, we are in continual motion.
Are we in continual motion for God's purpose? Are we marching because we are afraid to stop and listen to God's purpose/direction for us? Marching forward is fine when it is part of God's purpose.
The color red is prominent this month. What have you read? What are you reading? Are we reading the Bible daily? Are we reading books that lead us to read the Bible and spend time in prayer? Are we allowing the passion of the Lord to be our passion? If so, keep it up and be on fire for the Lord. If you haven't, it's time to start now. Talk with the Lord and listen for Him to guide us to have a heart like He does for what He has a heart for. Every time we see a heart, think of our Lord, and watch how our passion for our Lord and what He wants grows deeper.
New year, new tears, new fears, new cheers. We can decide to view all that we see, hear, and do through the eyes of our Lord. Look to the Lord in the new year who can give us all that we need to survive, thrive, and be wise.
Worship the Lord.
Worship can be singing, dancing, painting, and other godly activities. We can feel the joy of the Lord when we worship/ acknowledge the power and love of God with reverence. Let us take time daily to worship the Lord.
Do you know how blessed you are with what God has given you? Are you grateful? Do you count your blessings? If you do, can you help someone count their blessings? God has blessed all of us. Let us take time to share our blessings.
Grace, mercy, and holiness. Nice qualities to have that only the Lord can give to us as we place our trust in Him. Let us give and receive grace. Let us give and accept mercy, all while we acknowledge the holiness of our Lord. How do we acknowledge the holiness of our Lord? By not taking the Lord for granted, not treating the Lord casually, by treating the Lord as special.
Who's first in our lives? Is it ourselves, our family, or our Lord?
Let us pay attention ot our actions and emotions seeing who we give honor to in all we do. Every action shows where we have our focus and who's first in our lives. May we focus on having the Lord as first in our lives and in all we do.
Do this. Do that. Women are involved in doing many things. Are we willing to do what the Lord has asked us to do, no more or no less? Some of us are doing more and wearing ourselves out. Some of us are doing less, while complaining about not being satisfied. The Lord looks for willing vessels. Let us see if we are the willing vessels He is looking for to do His will, and not our own will.
Fire! Heat!
Are you on fire for God? Is something burning in you to do a work for God? Is there joy and excitement when you think about the Lord? If there isn't joy or excitement in your life, you need to take time in prayer asking the Lord what is expected of you. Surround yourself with godly things so that you may feel God's presence as excitement in your life.
Women, this is a time to acknowledge the men in our lives. God has let us know from the beginning that men and women are to work as a team under God. You don't think you have any godly male team mates? Ask the Lord to show you who is an available godly team mate. Is this not appropriate for your situation? Remember that the Lord will always provide you with His support, if you are willing to surrender to Him.
Do you ever think of the words,"pay attention"? When we take time to be still and focus, it costs. It's one way to deny self. Another way to say this is "watch and wait". Easier to say than to do. Whenever you can, pay attention. Make yourself pay attention, then you will see more of what God sees and how God wants you to respond.
Do you need a little more light? More light in your life? Does it seem that it's harder to see? Are you looking for light in the wrong places?
Look to Jesus to give you light. Be willing to let Jesus shine in you and be willing to give up the dark areas of concern and worry to Jesus. Light outshines dark, if you are willing to let light in. Let light shine on you, so that light can shine through you to others. Open your heart fully to Jesus, giving Him all the painful areas you've been holding on to. Let the light shine in, then share you light with others. They need to see, too!
Our emotions. Sometimes they can rule us. We are meant to rule our emotions as we place all of our thoughts under the subjection of God. Our emotions are to lead us to God honoring behavior. God allows us to have emotions. Let us work to use our emotions to give God glory.
Love. Love the Lord with all your heart, mind, and soul.
Not easy to do.
Let's start with loving the Lord by spending time in prayer sharing and listening for the impressions of the Lord. Check your impressions with the Bible and other Christ followers . Act on the impressions that are verified as being of the Lord. You will feel the love of the Lord in a new way.
Are you thinking about new possibilities and new directions? Pay attention to what the Lord has placed in your life.Ask for His direction and guidance with what the Lord has provided. Trust the Lord as you go forth in Jesus name doing His will.
Patience can be hard sometimes. We try to rush ourselves and other people try to rush us. Let us be reminded to let patience have her perfect work, so that we will receive a full life.
Give thanks to our Lord for everything. Develop a grateful heart, knowing that God has allowed situations in your life. Look to the Lord for guidance in all situations, then give thanks for everything.
Women have entrusted with many things and many responsibilities. Let us be reminded that all belongs to God. There are some things only God can do. May we be prayerful as we let God be God and do only what God has directed us to do, and no more.
This is a time when people focus on school and taking care of business. Are you about the Lord's business? Are you doing what you believe is God's will? Seek the Lord and do what He tells you to do. If you are not sure what that means, spend time reading the Bible and talking to God in prayer. He will reveal His will to you if you ask.
When I fight others, am I defending myself? Am I sure?
Am I taking over instead of letting God handle the situation?
Examine yourself to see if you are doing what God wants you to do or if you are trying to be God.
You be you and let God be God. You'll be amazed at the results.
July is the month where we celebrate freedom. Have you celebrated your freedom in Christ? Our Lord has forgiven you for your wrongs. Take time to give forgiveness to someone, so they can experience freedom, and possible be open to hearing of the freedom in Christ.
June is known as a month of celebrations. Have you celebrated you? Have you celebrated God's gifts in you? Take time to celebrate you, whether it is with family, friends, or you and God alone. Praise God for who He made you to be, and ask Him how you can share you.
May is a month we focus on women, especially mothers. May is also a month we think about what is no more. Consider asking the Lord what you can give up that will bring you closer to being the woman God has called you to be. When Memorial day comes, you can look at what God has removed from you with joy.
Situations can be opportunities to be humble toward God or prideful about ourselves. Let us take a look at the situations in our lives. Are we surrendering our lives and our situations to God in a state of humility? The Lord wants to help us if we are willing to accept His help.
God is in control. When we work with whatever is in our path, let us be reminded that God is in control. Let us be responsible only for that we feel God wants us to do, and leave the rest for God.
Women are known to share with others.
Are you sharing your love for the Lord with the younger generation? Sharing means working with, teaching, learning, and giving. As it is possible, remember to share with younger generations. It is one way that the Lord has for us to be young at heart when it is a heart for the Lord.
All women who are Christ followers are married women, for they are married to the Lord Jesus Christ. Are you responding like you are married to the Lord? If you are not, now is the time to start. give time to the Lord daily. Stand up for the Lord in your life. For those women who are married to a man, make sure you give your husband some time and that you stand up and support your husband.
Some people will tell you that the Christmas season is the season to give. Let us be reminded that the Christmas seaon is a time to be grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us thank the Lord and celebrate His goodness.
As you prepare for Thanksgiving, have you taken time to thank the Lord for your weaknesses and your trials? Take time to ask the Lord to strengthen you and thank Him for what He is doing through your life and the lives of others. Share your thankfulness to the Lord with others who need to know the source of your strength.
Women, here's a way to think of t-r-eat.
What are you eating lateley? This refers to food physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Are you eating physical food that is good for you?
Are you being fed spiritually so that God is being shown through you?
Take time to feed yourself ( and others if you are led to do so) with that which is good for you and honors God.
September can be the month you make a step toward something the Lord is leading you to do. It could be stepping; such as exercise or dancing. It could be a step toward mending relationships. It could be a step toward using your gifts. Step to it!
August can be known as a month that school resumes and that learning becomes a priority. Have you stopped learning?
Are you trying to grow in godly responses?
Take time this month to learn something new that honors the Lord and share it with someone.
Cleaning of the mind, body, and soul. Cleaning of the mind  from imaginations...
2Corinthians 10:5,"Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowldege of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ." Cleaning the body...
2Samuel22:21,"The Lord rewarded me according to my righteousness; according to the cleanness of my hands hath he recompensed me." Cleaning the soul...
Psalm51:10,"Create in me a new heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. 
As you focus on these verses, look at what you have, clean it, and put it to good use for the glory of God.
Display it, share it, or give it away as God leads.
Here is a prayer that was printed in Reflections magazine issue May/June 2002. It was in a house built in the 1800s.
                      Granmaws Prayer
Lord, thou knowest thet I'm agrowin older. Keep me frum gittin' talkative 'n possessed wid de idea dat I have to express myself on ever subject.
Release me frum de cravin' to straight'n out everbodys affairs.
Keep mah mind free frum de tellin' of all them endless details 'n giv me wings to git to de point.
Shet mah mouth when I goes to tell of all mah aches 'n pains... dey increases wid de years 'n mah luv to speak of dem gits sweeter az de time goes by.
Teech me de glorious lesson dat wunst in a while I may be wrong.
Make me thoughtful but not nosey 'n helpful but not bossy.
Wid mah vast store of wisdom 'n experience, hit duz seem a pity not to use hit all, but thou knowest Lord, I do want a few friends at the end.       Amen
Something to think about and enjoy!
As we think of love, we bring to mind 2 commandments: Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, soul, and mind(Matthew 22:37); and Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself(Matthew 22:39) We have to love ourselves. Let's talk about loving ourselves during one of our most unloving moments: during PMS, and during menopause. When you experience difficulty at these times, remember these verses:
Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.       Phillipians 4:11 
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.  Phillipians 4:13
I will bless the Lord at all times: His praise shall continually be in my mouth.
Psalm 34:1
There are many herbal remedies to help with the symptoms of menopause and PMS. Talk with a health practitioner about herbal remedies.
Here is a list of common used herbs for women taken from Energy Times magazine.
                   HERB                                USED FOR

Agnus Castus                                        Menopause,                                                                                           

Black Cohosh                                       Menopause, PMS

Black Haw Bark                                  Menstrual cycle problems, PMS

Cramp Bark                                         Menstrual cycle problems, PMS
Dandelion                                            PMS
Dong Quai                                           Menopause, menstrual cycle problem
Ginger                                                 Menstrual cycle problems, PMS
Motherwort                                         Menstrual cycle problems, PMS
Oatstraw                                             Menopause, PMS
Shephard's Purse                                 Menstrual cycle problems
Remember, Love God, Love your neighbor, and Love yourself!
If you have any questions or want to share the news of becoming a Christian, please contact me.
Pastor Revita De Chalus and the Lord of Hope Ministry Staff
 Here is a prayer that was emailed to me.
                      Sister Prayer
Father, I ask you to bless my sister reading this right now! LORD, show her a new revelation of YOUR love and power. HOLY SPIRIT, I ask YOU to minister to her spirit at this very moment.
When there is pain, give her YOUR peace & mercy. Where there is self-doubting, release a renewed confidence in YOUR ability to work through her.
Where there is tiredness, or exhaustion, I ask YOU to give her understanding, patience, & strength as she learns submission to YOUR leading.
Where there is Spiritual stagnation, I ask YOU to renew her by revealing YOUR nearness, and by drawing her into greater intimacy with YOU.
Where there is fear, reveal YOUR love, and release to her YOUR courage.
Where there is a sin blocking her, reveal it, and break its hold over my sisters' life.
Bless her finances, give her greater vision, and raise her up as a leader, and freind to support, and encourage her. Give her discernment to recognize the demonic forces around her, and reveal to her the power YOU have in YOU to defeat it.
I ask YOU to do these things in the NAME OF THE FATHER, SON AND HOLY GHOST!
                       In Christian Love,
                            Your sister in Christ
This book excerpt is from Let Prayer Change Your Life by Becky Tirabassi.  It is a small book in easy to read form. She shares her struggles and how God helped her in her prayer time. She gives practical tips. If you are a new Christian, what a way to start right! If you are a mature Christian, you may find new tips to improve your prayer life. If you are a seeker, you may think of prayer differently after reading the book.
" Yet, always, God's answers came through in His time, whisking me even more confidently into another adventure with Him. Because He had proven His faithfulness through innumerable circumstances, dreaming God's possibilities became my regular practice. A one-time daydreamer, I was now a dreamer determined to follow through each day with God's plan-definitely a new fruit of my daily time in prayer."

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